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Welcome to the Florida RMCA 
     The Florida Ratlist is proud to be a chapter of The Rat and Mouse Club of America. We honor and strive to achieve the RMCA's ethics and compassion in educating the public about the proper care of domestic rats and mice; promoting responsible ownership and breeding, and getting the word out about what wonderful, loving pets they are.

     The RMCA sets the standard with their invaluable website. Experienced ratkeepers as well as new rat owners will find informative articles on health, disease & treatment; cages and bedding;  temperment, breeding, geriatrics and everything in-between. There is also great ratty fiction, a virtual squeaks e-card gallery, an RMCA event schedule; an in-depth list of accredited Veterinarians, rat-related merchandise, and the SDA/Sendai tracking page.

     With ever-expanding chapters the RMCA unites us all in our love of fancy rats & mice. The Florida chapter values this association and hopes to contribute to the appreciation and continued improvement of awareness and responsibility to these loving creatures with whom we share our lives.

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Amy Epperley
Phoenix Gate Rattery (Px)  
Statesboro, Georgia 
Russian blue and R.E.D./chocolate dilutions.