Everything you ever wanted to know about the Florida chapter. But were afraid to ask....
The Florida Ratlist was founded  3/27/2001 by a small band of Florida Ratkeepers, and the membership has grown to nearly two hundred, uniting rat lovers from across the country and around the world. In addition to Florida the group boasts members from Texas, Georgia, California, Louisiana, Colorado,Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Canada, and has reached across the ocean to include Norway, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Australia. The common bond here is most certainly the rats, but there is also a sense of family and friendship that makes it our home away from home.

One of the keys to strengthening that bond is the annual Ratfest. Every year members gather in Orlando, Florida to meet and celebrate the wonder of ratties. Spending time in the company of those who share our love for these little creatures is a gift. We also celebrate rats with our annual Ratcamp which has proven to be a great success.

The Florida chapter of the RMCA embodies that joyful spirit of the rat. We share in each others happiness and sorrow; inquire of one another for advice and give support, remembering to play for the sheer fun of it and enjoy the company.
Our Story
Joining the Florida RMCA
We welcome new members.  At this time there is no fee to join this group. All that is neccesary is a willingness to love rats and to uphold the ideals of proper rat care and breeding as set forth by our parent group the RMCA. You can join us by becoming a member of our online FORUM.
The Members and Officers of the Florida RMCA
President:                             Joanne "Bella" Hodges
Vice President:                    Arkanthis 
Webmaster &
Researcher:                         Arkanthis
Treasurer:                            Rosalie Elliot
Activities Coordinator:     Kim Harris & Amy Epperly
Health Advisor:                  Karen Grant
Chief Rat Police:                Rosalie Elliot
Deputy 1:                             Karen Grant
Deputy 2:                             Sherry Lee
Florida RatList Owner:     Bella
Florida Ratlist
Moderators:                           Arkanthis & Annie B.
Norwegian Delegates:        Jorunn Hooi & Kristin
Australian Delegate:             Yvette
U.K. Delegate:                        Sue Brown
Puerto Rican Delegate:       Nelly
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