Keeping it Safe
     We believe that getting together with other fanciers is important. It helps the rat communtity stay unified and gives us a chance to share useful information as well as our joy of rats.
Out events are always "Rat-Free" or "Rat-limited" to help combat the spread of illness.

     Right now we have two annual events-   RatFest & RatCamp
The Annual Florida RatFest
One-two days of rattie fun and games in Orlando. This year the date was Sept.25th. See the Official RatFest Website to get  the details and see photos of the event. This year there wasn't a hurricane! It made things go a lot smoother.

Other official Ratfests are:
The NorthEast Ratfest                                     Texas Ratfest     
The Annual Florida Rat Camp
Two days of rattie fun and games in the great outdoors. This year we had Rat Camp at Silver River in Ocala, FL.

Go to the Official RatCamp Website to see the photos and get update info on next years Rat Camp (TBA)

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