Health Links

Health Links

RMCA Rat & Mouse FAQS - An extensive collection of helpful medical and other articles.

Virginia's Rat Page - An even more extensive collection of articles and Links.

RMCA Drug Chart - A useful Medication Guide

Laymans Medication Guide - Medication Dosages and Information

Wererat Rat Help - A great medical resource with a search feature.

Caring For Kuddles - Basic Rat Care

SDA and Sendai Outbreak Tracking -  Database to help track viral diseases and spread awareness
The Ratguide -  An in-depth site with well-researched articles on basic health care and medical treatment.
Breeding  Links

Baby Rat Growth & Development - Tracks a litter of rats from birth to weaning.

Should I Breed My Rats ? - Advice from The Blue Velvet Rattery

Breeding : Can YOU live with it? - Mary Anne Issackson
If you need immediate with your rats (e.g., medical problem), please send a note to Informed volunteers will attempt to answer your question as soon as possible.

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